The Club is available to video community events and entertainment in the local area. Why not have your community activity recorded and available on DVD or on-line? Contact us for details. We welcome new members interested in getting started in video, or in improving their existing skills.  All levels of experience are encouraged to participate. The Club actively participates in inter-club as well as intra-club competitions designed to improve member’s video skills. These are a great way to enjoy the art of video-making, as well as work toward improved knowledge and skill. At our meetings we run regular workshops on all aspects of video production: camera technique, audio, editing etc. These are an invaluable tool for improving skill levels.
COMBINED INTER-CLUB ZOOM MEETING  As lockdowns and restrictions continue, we have all turned to innovation, technology and our creativity with great success. On Saturday the 9th of October in houses from Wollongong, Nowra through to Ulladulla, members Zoomed in for a virtual Combined Clubs Meeting, hosted by the Wollongong Club. Starting at 10am, some thirty members (12 from our club) met on screen. Topics covered included: Club and member ‘happenings’ during lockdown; new equipment purchases; innovative ideas; stitching drone photos together and an introduction to an App called Yesterday Stories. Members have been invited to contribute to this exciting collection of historical events, people and places. The highlight was the playing of each Clubs’ video interpretation of “BRUSH”. Made under strict lockdown conditions, each entry showed that everyone was up for the challenge. Wollongong used a Zoom sitting between an artist and his subject, with a clever twist on the end. Nowra shared a collection of videos of each participating member experiencing lockdown life. Our Club met the challenge by each participant filming a section of the video at their home and then sending to Paul Davies our editor to work some magic in the editing suite. For all the clubs, the experience was an experimental adventure into a whole new world of how things can be done when ‘normal’ disappears. Lots of fun and great results.                         Congratulations to all three Clubs. We are all looking forward to the next time we meet, hopefully we will be able to enjoy a meal together, in person. Bob Antill HERE’S A TIP 4 BETTER VIEWING When you watch a video embedded here on our website, or on Vimeo or YouTube, make sure you click on the “full screen” icon, which is the four little arrows pointing outward. You’ll then be able to enjoy the video to the maximum. Once you’re finished watching, just press the “ESC” key (Escape) on the top left of your keyboard. That’ll take you back to the standard layout.
CLUB MEETING & AGM October 7th via ZOOM Making BRUSH OFF was a lot of fun for all the cast and crew. See snaps below: OUR OCTOBER MEETING ZOOMED RIGHT ALONG! As the Covid lockdown continues, again we met in cyber space in that now familiar world of Zoom. Despite some early technical difficulties, I think we are getting the hang of this, almost! Today, October the 7th, was not only our monthly meeting but also to be followed by our AGM. Despite daylight saving, as ten o’clock arrived the screen started to fill with lots of smiling faces, eager to find out how everyone was and to affirm that president Sandra’s and treasure Jan’s reports were worthy of adoption and even to be seconded. Discussed was our combined meeting on the 9th with Wollongong and Shoalhaven to be Zoomed and the making of, in a covid safe way, our latest attempt at a film, called “Brushed Off”. An attempt at a preview was made and after a couple of false starts, it finally worked. Ken summed up our year’s activities, which have been limited and discussion was had about leaving lockdown Zooms and resuming in the flesh meetings in the near future, as well as where to hold the most important meeting of the year, the Christmas party. Merinda emailed files prior to the meeting on “finding the beat”, an exercise in helping to identify the beat of the music to match up with the vision when editing our films. Merinda gave a short talk and hopes that everyone will have some fun as well as helping with their editing skills. At the close of the meeting Gwen took control and declared the AGM open. Nominations were called for all positions. There being no new nominations, each current position holders agreed to remain in place and this was unanimously agreed to by the members present. Hopefully, by the next meeting we’ll be able to meet in person and break for coffee and lunch at the end, until then we’ll be Zooming along.