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  The Club is available to video community events and entertainment in the local area. Why not have your community activity recorded and available on DVD or on-line? Contact us for details. We welcome new members interested in getting started in video, or in improving their existing skills.  All levels of experience are encouraged to participate. The Club actively participates in inter-club as well as intra-club competitions designed to improve member’s video skills. These are a great way to enjoy the art of video-making, as well as work toward improved knowledge and skill. At our meetings we run regular workshops on all aspects of video production: camera technique, audio, editing etc. These are an invaluable tool for improving skill levels.
SPRING ZOOMING Seventeen members zoomed onto phones, tablets and computers from all parts of the coast (and even the city) for our 2nd Zoom Meeting which took place on the 2nd of September. Many things needed to be discussed and most importantly the announcement of who won the Bendalong Boat Harbour challenge. Each entrant was pre-issued with a critique from “Judge and Jury” John Baker the day before.  After a short explanation, John delivered his verdict. Equal Second Prize went to Ken and Sandra and First Prize to Gwen. Congratulations to our Winners. Gwen assured everyone that she will share her prize with the main talent of her video, her husband Peter. Jan delivered a short Treasure’s Report; President Sandra ran proceedings and Secretary Tony, not only organised but recorded the meeting. Vice President Merinda explained that her talk on ‘How to Find the Beat’, was available for viewing on the web site, rather than delivered live, due to the natural delay and audio distortion tendency that can occur with Zoom. We closed with an interesting version of Happy Birthday for Nick who turns 80 years young on September 3rd.  An attempt to remotely blow out candles on the cake provided a lighthearted moment at the end of the meeting. The great thing about Zoom Meetings is they have to finish on time, done and dusted until next month and again our thanks to Tony for organising the meeting and organising us.                         Bob Antill    Photo on the left: Our last meeting included many members,  the cat and our brand new Baby Nova. LOCKDOWN IS DRIVING US TO DRINK. AT LEAST HE’S WEARING A MASK! HERE’S A TIP FOR BETTER VIEWING When you watch a video embedded here on our website, or on Vimeo or YouTube, make sure you click on the “full screen” icon, which is the four little arrows pointing outward. You’ll then be able to enjoy the video to the maximum. Once you’re finished watching, just press the “ESC” key (Escape) on the top left of your keyboard. That’ll take you back to the standard layout.
Watch Nick ‘Gerald’ during the filming of ‘DOUBLE BOGEY’, getting up close and personal with a flock of wild goats!