HOME CALENDAR CONTACT FORMS OUR VIDEOS “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success.” James Cameron WOLLONGONG CAMERA CLUB MOVIE MAKERS SHOALHAVEN MOVIE AND MULTIMEDIA SYDNEY VIDEO MAKERS   The Club is available to video community events and entertainment in the local area. Why not have your community activity recorded and available on DVD or on-line? Contact us for details. We welcome new members interested in getting started in video, or in improving their existing skills.  All levels of experience are encouraged to participate. The Club actively participates in inter-club as well as intra-club competitions designed to improve member’s video skills. These are a great way to enjoy the art of video-making, as well as work toward improved knowledge and skill. At our meetings we run regular workshops on all aspects of video production: camera technique, audio, editing etc. These are an invaluable tool for improving skill levels. 2021 VIDEO OF THE YEAR ENTRIES
THE SIMPLE THINGS  -  Sandra Dodimead
LIVING LIFE FORWARD  -  Merinda Antill
LAST TRY  -  Gwen Lea
CAN’T SAY WHY  -  John Baker
A NEW WORLD  -  John Baker
RELIVE OUR 2021 CHRISTMAS PARTY HERE (Also known as the SANDRA DODIMEAD SHOW!) PAN, ZOOM, TILT TUTORIAL Read the full tutorial presented at our March meeting here: CANBERRA EXCURSION DATES ANNOUNCED. Make a note in your diary now: Tuesday October 11 and Wednesday October 12. We’re staying at the Tradies Quality Hotel in Dickson. Make your own booking at: https://www.qualityhoteldickson.com.au/
WATCH THE CLUB’S WONDERFUL  “TROUBLE AFOOT” HERE MUVC’s entry in the 2022 Combined Clubs’ challenge “Old Time Movie”. WHY NOT CONSIDER JOINING OUR MARVELOUS CLUB? HERE ARE JUST SOME OF THE BENEFITS OF BECOMING A MEMBER: Beginners are very welcome - we are all beginners at some point. We have members of varying backgrounds including from the TV industry. This gives the club wide experience in film directing, camera work, lighting, sound, acting, and script writing. Members from other backgrounds (ie cabinetmaker) assist in prop and equipment making, wardrobe, catering. etc. All these skills put together allow the club to make high quality informative and entertaining movies. We run regular workshops where members are tutored in the use of video editing suites, camera skills, and all aspects of video creation. This allows members to put together their own quality videos of their life experiences for future reminiscing and entertainment. The club can help members convert old technology (8mm film and video tapes etc) to digital format. To help with fundraising the club produces professional quality videos of several local events for various organisations, ie The annual Entertainers variety show, Blessing of the Fleet ball, etc. The club produces entertaining videos for regular friendly competition with other neighbouring video clubs, and participates in twice-annual combined meetings with those clubs. Making of these “interclub” movies involves filming on site, where all members get involved in one way or another with wardrobe, acting, camera, sound, catering, editing, and more. These are wonderful social and educational exercises. Once or twice a year we run field trips where members are encouraged to create a short video based on a set theme.  This is to test their videoing and editing skills, and prizes are awarded for excellence. Our regular monthly meetings generally include workshop sessions on various subjects to assist members with the wide range of skills needed for successful video creation. We strive to be an inclusive club, with most members actively participating in the wide array of club activities, keen to assist their fellow members both technically and socially.   SEE THE SELECTION OF VIDEOS BELOW FOR EXAMPLES OF THE CLUB’S WORK WHY NOT JOIN NOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL THESE CLUB BENEFITS. Contact our secretary, Mr Tony Mann, on 0409 592 189 Or email us at:   INFO@MUVC.CLUB CLICK THE QUESTION MARK ABOVE for full details on the challange. CLUB MEETING JUNE 2ND 2022 After a last-minute change of venue (our regular meeting space has become a staff room), our small group (only 8 of us this month) settled in, opening our meeting at 9.55am. Much excitement was still in the air after our successful filming of the Entertainers production ‘Illuminate’ and having our Editor, (the very talented Geoff Smith) at our table kept that wonderful energy alive. Geoff has finished editing the show and now we have navigated the DVD, USB2 or USB3 territory, we are ready to put the finishing touches on the final product. Many thanks to Geoff who is going to create our labels for the USB’s, Gwen and Tony who are going to burn the DVD’s, print them and create covers for the packaging. Sandra and Merinda will copy and create the USB’s. Our wonderful Treasure Jan is now breathing again, as payment for filming ‘Illuminate’ will be forthcoming and bolster our bank account. Filming the Blessing of the Fleet Ball is hot on the heels of The Entertainers show and scheduled for Saturday June 18th. ‘Bugger’ (thanks Ken for this one) is the one-word title of our next Interclub Challenge and Kevin is looking forward to those script-writing creative juices flowing again. We are hosting the next Interclub Meeting on October 22nd.  Watch this space for unfolding details. Merinda Antill A FEW SNAPS FROM THE CLUB’S ARCHIVES