HOME CALENDAR CONTACT FORMS OUR VIDEOS The M.U.V.C. is actively involved in creating a wide range of videos, for both entertainment, and education. To make your search for a particular video as easy as possible, we’ve sorted our videos by category. See below. CLUB VIDEOS: these are created by teams of club members, or individual members, and are designed to entertain. They are most often scripted productions, but occasionally are simply a record of club activities. INTER-CLUB VIDEOS: these are created by teams of club members in response to particular themes. The themes are set annually by the host club for our combined club meetings. VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Each year club members create and submit an entry into our V.O.T.Y. competition, with winners announced and prizes awarded at our annual Christmas party. Entries over the years have included some very creative and entertaining videos. TUTORIALS: At many monthly club meetings we conduct “Help Me With My Video Project” tutorials covering a wide range of video-related topics. This collection of videos records many of these tutoriual sessions. FIELD TRIPS: From time to time the club hosts field trips, designed to allow members the opportunity to improve their videoing skills, as well as for the social benefit of a group activity outside the confines of our regular meetings. MEMBERS’ OWN: We encourage all club members to submit their own videos to this area. These can be on any topic, with no limits on time etc. This is simply a showcase to display the broad range of talents that our club members possess. CLUB VIDEOS INTER-CLUB VIDEOS V.O.T.Y. VIDEOS TUTORIALS FIELD TRIPS MEMBERS’ OWN VIDEOS