2022 TRAINING PROGRAM AND TOPICS THEME FOR 2022 - “BACK TO BASICS” FIELD TRIPS, WORKSHOPS, and VIDEO CHALLENGES FIELD TRIPS First half 2022 - Visit Canberra overnight Wednesday May 18th 2022.  Arrive 2.00PM, check in to hotel, with free time till 4.00PM. Then visit two locations around lake foreshore for filming in afternoon light (last light 5.35PM). Followed by dinner at selected restaurant, and return to hotel. Thursday morning, rise early (for those that wish) for location shooting in early morning light if weather is clear, returning to hotel for breakfast. Final location shoot at parliament house commencing 8.30AM, followed by morning tea and return home. Note - we will invoke the “Ken” principle - proceed regardless of weather. Hotel budget say $150 to $180 per night for twin occupancy?  Member partners welcome to attend.  Video entries in this field trip challenge to be submitted NO LATER THAN SUNDAY JULY 31ST, allowing 2 1/2 months for editing. Details of challenge rules to be provided early 2022. SEE DETAILED CHALLENGE GUIDELINES AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE Second half 2022 - Location - Ulladulla area. Date to be determined. IN-HOUSE WORKSHOPS/FORUMS We’re holding two half-day workshops at the Mollymook Golf Club meeting room, covering key aspects of filming and editing, structured on a question and answer format. Participants will be encouraged to submit their questions based on personal experience. WORKSHOP #1: Topic - MOVING ON FROM AMATEUR VIDEOING. Wednesday May 4th (the day prior to the May club meeting) commencing at 1.00PM, concluding at 5.00PM, and followed by dinner for those who wish. Examples of possible topics to be covered: taking control of your camera, ISO (or dB gain), shutter speed, frame rate, aperture, using tripods, outdoor lighting, etc. Very much based on what club members would like to cover via Q&A.  NOTE: We’ll start the session with coverage of adjusting exposure and colour grading in post. This should help entrants in the Canberra Video Challenge with their editing. WORKSHOP #2: Topic - ELIMINATING SIMPLE EDITING ERRORS. Wednesday August 31st (the day prior to the September club meeting), commencing at 1.00PM, concluding at 5.00PM, and followed by dinner for those who wish. Examples of possible topics to be covered: filing and finding your files, flow and tempo, empathy for the viewer experience, music, eliminating glitches, music, colour grading, etc. Very much based on what club members would like to cover via Q&A.  MEETING SESSIONS - HELP ME WITH MY VIDEO PROJECT For these regular presentations at our monthly meetings, the “BACK TO BASICS” theme will be further developed. The following is a list of topics that will be covered in around 45 minutes, at least at an introductory level. Each topic is very narrowly focused, allowing for clarity in the presentation.  For 2022 we’ll concentrate on video capture, and then in 2023 we’ll concentrate on video editing. That way we can establish and maintain flow from one session to the next, reinforcing the lessons from previous sessions.  Keeping it simple - or as simple as photography can be (!). We’ll conduct just six sessions for six meetings, allowing for varied presentations at the remaining meetings, such as outside speakers, member presentations, new products, etc. FEBRUARY MEETING: Zoom, pan, and tilt - does and don’ts, and alternatives. MARCH MEETING: The frame rate/shutter speed relationship in camcorders (very important). MAY MEETING: Optical and/or digital image stabilization - how and why. JULY MEETING: ISO (or dB gain) and its effect on your recording. SEPTEMBER MEETING: Aperture and its effect on depth of field (bokeh) NOVEMBER MEETING: Manual focus versus auto (remember the black cockatoos!). CANBERRA FIELD TRIP CHALLENGE - GUIDELINES NOTE - NEW DATES WILL BE ADVISED IN DUE COURSE OK, so we’re all set for this “stepping up” in our Challenge guidelines. Our combined goal for this first Challenge of 2022 is to leave ALL OUR AMATEUR ISSUES BEHIND! That’s right - the bar is now set even higher, as we move to the next level of videography AND editing. Read on for the details: LOCATION We’ll be filming on the Wednesday evening on the southern lake foreshore around the High Court building during the afternoon golden hour(s). Our 8.30 Thursday morning shoot will be around Parliament House. And for those hardy souls who would like to join me for the sunrise shoot, we’ll be shooting at the National Carillon on Aspen Island, which should allow us good panoramas for the morning light. THEME Entries are limited to a strict time of 4.00 minutes maximum. Not a millisecond longer. Your video will NEED TO TELL A STORY, so it needs to be more than just vision.  You’ll need a well prepared script in advance so that your footage can be shot to match that script. Bear in mind our shooting locations - there’s no point including the National Zoo in your script when we won’t be visiting it. It’s suggested you concentrate on a particular theme regarding Canberra - architecture, geography, history, politics, etc. The choice is yours. CONSTRAINTS You have free rein to create your video as you see fit, BUT you must adhere to these limitations: - Panning, zooming, and tilting are all allowed, but PLEASE make sure you do not overdo these. A possible guideline is to include no more than one or two, and they should be carried out SMOOTHLY, at a CONSTANT SPEED, and SLOWLY. They need to be silky-smooth to score positive points - jerky, inconsistent, and overly fast efforts will be scored down. - No individual scene in your final edit can be longer than seven (7) seconds. That’s right - 7 seconds maximum. So…if you plan on for example an interview, then just film it with multiple cameras from different angles, and then cut it all together for continuity in the final edit so that no one scene exceeds this limit. MUSIC This Challenge allows free choice of music. BUT…please search the wide world of music for CONTEMPORARY music that closely fits your chosen theme. Let’s try to use the music track as a MODERN third contributor to the overall result - along with vision and narration/dialog. Please also watch for cuts synced with the music beat as best you can. And…try to start your video with the start of the music, and end your video with the end of the music. This adds increased dramatic impact. NARRATION Clearly, if your video is to tell a story then it will need dialogue or monologue. In the case of dialogue you of course would need to use the voices of the characters on screen, but in the case of monologue (narration) it is suggested you consider using a “professional” voice-over. We have two in the club with a proven track record - Merinda and Nick - so it’s up to you, but maybe with some appropriate bribery you might encourage them to assist you in this area. But not mandatory. CREATIVITY Canberra is a wonderfully visual location, so think about getting creative with your videoing. Carefully consider camera angles, subject matter, direction of filming (into or away from the light), and don’t forget both the macro as well as the micro. Also, make sure you consider looking UP above you, as well as DOWN below you at your feet.  What’s there - can it improve your entry?  It’s suggested that you have a good idea of what you want in this area BEFORE you arrive in Canberra. That way you’re not stumbling around looking for inspiration on the day. WHAT WE’RE GOING TO LEAVE BEHIND 2022 sees us aim much higher in our efforts. So, we’re going to move on from, and therefore eliminate, the following amateur errors: - Accidental fades/cuts through black - Too short titles and/or credits - Shaky camera work - use a tripod, press “record”, and then LEAVE THE TRIPOD ALONE. - No unintended shadows in the footage - anywhere, anytime. - No visual pollution - unwanted bystanders, power lines, cars, anything that takes the viewer’s eye off the central intent of each and every scene. Nothing, zilch, zero, to distract the viewer’s experience. - Watch your audio transitions as well as your video transitions. Hard cuts for video, but soft transitions for audio. Make sure you edit your audio separately so that you can eliminate hard cuts entirely. Just fade your audio in and out seamlessly and smoothly using “J” or “L” editing. - Make sure all your scenes are in focus - if they are not then leave them on the cutting room floor. - Double check your camera image stabilization is set to ON, even when using your tripod. - Double check your camera is set for the best possible exposure, allowing for the fact that you’ll be shooting exclusively in daylight.  Check white balance, HDR setting (dynamic range), ISO (or dB gain), shutter speed to be double frame rate (recommended 25 FPS and shutter 1/50th), etc. Get it right in the field and it’ll be easier during editing. So, make sure the judge’s job is easier by double and triple checking for these amateur errors. Easy to eliminate, but oh so deflating if not. QUESTIONS At every stage of this Challenge JB will be available for technical questions (but not creative). PLEASE ASK if you need assistance on any topic connected with this, whether it be while we’re filming, or after during the editing process. It’s important we aim high, and as a result I’d be delighted to help you as best I can to really soar with the eagles! And if I don’t know the answer to your question I’ll find out. The bar for this challenge is high, and it’ll be a team effort to leap over it. SUMMARY The goal with this challenge is to produce the highest quality video you’ve ever made! Simple. We’re expecting a very high standard of creativity - script, filming, editing, narration, and indeed all the elements that make a cohesive and well-rounded video. You have two half days to film, and three months to edit, so there’s plenty of time to exceed all standards that you’ve ever achieved before. We’re looking for syrupy, silky smooth, rich, and creative videos. Keep that in mind as you film and as you edit. Good luck all participants.  We’re all looking forward to a wonderful excursion, as well as even more wonderful videos. ALL ENTRIES DUE (NOT A SECOND LATER THAN)  SUNDAY...DATE TO BE ADVISED